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Public Anoka County criminal records are important tools for anybody needing a background check. They provide insights into a person’s criminal history, assisting in making decisions. Public criminal records can be accessed through the court system or online using private companies.

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Anoka County MN Local Criminal Resource List

Judicial District (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Juvenile)
2100 3rd Ave Anoka, MN 55303
Web Search
On Location Search – Yes

Anoka County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO Criminal Search)
13301 Hanson Blvd NW, Andover, MN 55304
Phone: (763) 324-5000
Warrant Search
Inmate Locator

Blaine Police Department
10801 Town Square Dr NE, Blaine, MN 55449
Phone: (763) 785-6168
Records Division

Anoka County Court Records

Court databases use important resources for finding criminal records, which is advantageous for those interested in the criminal justice system or looking into someone’s Anoka County background. Acquainting yourself with how these databases function is essential. To use a court database, first identify where the case was submitted, as each county has its court system. After choosing the appropriate count, you can search by the case ID or the accused’s name.

Anoka County Police Records

To find criminal records, the Anoka County police department can be a source. It can provide a broad spectrum of details about an individual’s history, but not all police departments release these details to the public. You may need to provide a legitimate reason for the request, such as conducting background checks.

Reports Of Arrests

When looking for Anoka County arrest records, remember that they are public records and can be requested by anybody. You can typically acquire them via the local sheriff and police.

Records Of Inmates

Inmate records are important in Anoka County criminal background investigations, exposing information about an individual’s criminal history, including convictions and sentences served or currently serving.

Various Categories of Criminal Records:


Infractions in Anoka County MN encompass a range of charges, such as traffic violations and disorderly conduct. Penalties vary depending upon the intensity and jurisdiction of the offense, ranging from a warming to a fine.


A Anoka County misdemeanor is a mid-level crime, rendering fines or jail time. Unlike the more severe felonies, misdemeanors consist of offenses like simple assault and public intoxication. Normally tried in lower courts, misdemeanor trials generally have a more casual treatment and lower burden of proof than felony trials.

Anoka County Felony Records

To get details about recorded felonies in Anoka County MN, you can work with the local court system for copies of records or search online if the local court offers a database.

Information On Anoka County Sexual Offenders

To monitor sex offenders in Anoka County MN, you can visit the National Sex Offender Registry at, which enables users to search for sex offenders by name, address, and more. Local law enforcement agencies can likewise offer information about sex offenders in your area.

Incidence Of Anoka County Duis And Dwis

When dealing with people checking Anoka County DUI records can be important, depending on the situation. It offers insight into an applicant’s character and risk-taking tendencies.

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