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For those trying to learn more about someone who has been detained, Anoka County inmate records will be a useful resource.
These records include crucial information, including the inmate’s name, birthdate, crime committed, and sentence duration. In addition to being useful for researching the criminal justice system, inmate records can let friends and family members to stay updated about an offender’s whereabouts and well-being.

Minnesota Prisons Inmate Search (MN Statewide Search Options)
Neighboring Counties: HennepinRamseyWashingtonDakotaScottWright

Anoka County Resources.

Anoka County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO Inmate Search)
13301 Hanson Blvd NW, Andover, MN 55304
(763) 324-5000
Inmate Locator
Jail Division

Judicial District (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Juvenile)
2100 3rd Ave Anoka, MN 55303
On Location Search – Yes

Anoka County Jail
325 Jackson St, Anoka, MN 55303

Anoka County Juvenile – Walker Cottage
7555 4th Ave, Lino Lakes, MN 55014

Anoka County Corrections – Workhouse
3300 4th Avenue Anoka, MN 55303

East Central Regional Juvenile Detention Center (RJC)
7565 4th Ave, Lino Lakes, MN 55014

Minnesota Correctional Facility – Lino Lakes
7525 Fourth Avenue Lino Lakes, MN 55014

Anoka County Inmate Search Online

Go to your favourite search engine and enter “inmate records + state or county” into the search box to begin your Anoka County inmate search for inmate data.
Next, concentrate your search on websites maintained by the county sheriff’s offices and the state DOC. The most reliable sources of information on inmates are typically found on these websites.

Minnesota State Prison VS Anoka County Jail

Prisons and jails share many characteristics, yet there are also some important distinctions.
Inmates found guilty of major crimes are housed in Minnesota prisons. Persons in Anoka County jail are frequently detained for a shorter time for lesser crimes or are waiting for court.

Minnesota Prison Inmate Search

You might need to locate a prisoner in a state facility for several reasons. Whatever the cause, there are a few tools you can use to find a prisoner in a Minnesota state or federal facility.
Every state has a website, most of which provides a tool for searching for inmates. The official state DOC website is the best place to begin. The website will provide you with the location of the individual you are looking for and other information, such as their inmate number and expected release date.
The national inmate locator, which is run by the federal bureau of prisons, is another tool. You can use this website to look for prisoners in federal prisons.

Anoka County Jail Inmate Search

Finding someone in a Anoka County jail can be done in several different ways. A few resources are available: conducting an online search, contacting the jail directly, or checking court records.
Decide which approach is most appropriate for your circumstances because each has advantages and disadvantages. Online databases can be an excellent choice for research if you have the time and the desire. The name of an inmate, their booking number, and other pertinent details are typically available. These databases can be difficult to locate if you’re unsure which area to search in.

Anoka County Mugshots

You can see a person’s Anoka County mugshot in several different ways. Search for “inmate list” or “prisoner information” on the sheriff’s or state DOC office website.
Google image search for “name+mugshot” is another option.

Anoka County Jail Log

Anoka County jail logs can be located in a variety of places. Consult the sheriff’s department webpage in your area.

Anoka County Jail Roster

A list of everyone who is currently incarcerated is called a jail roster in Anoka County. They may be identified by name, current location, offense, and other information.

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