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Hennepin County records of inmates can be useful for the general public and correctional establishments. Inmate records contain crucial details concerning a detainee’s criminal past, sentencing, and incarceration. This information promotes public safety and guarantees detainees receive just treatment.

Mn Doc Inmate Locator (MN Statewide Search Options)
Neighboring Counties: AnokaDakotaRamseyScottWrightWashington

Hennepin County Resources.

Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO Inmate Search)
Phone: 612-348-3744
350 South Fifth Street, Room 6 Minneapolis, MN 55415
Jail Roster
Jail Information

District Court – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic)
300 S 6th St, Room B-0100 Minneapolis, MN 55487
On Location Search – Yes

Adult Corrections Facility
Phone: 612-596-0001
ACF men’s section 1145 Shenandoah Lane Plymouth, MN 55447
ACF women’s section 1355 Shenandoah Lane Plymouth, MN 55447

Hennepin County Public Safety Facility (PSF)
401 S 4th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415

Hennepin County Inmate Search Online

The public can utilize online inmate databases to look up a person using their name and other identifying information when doing a Hennepin County inmate search.
Additionally, you can search for information by facility or area.
Once you have located the record you are looking for, you may review all the pertinent information, including the inmate’s name, picture, birth date, race, gender, charge, and sentence length. If you require more details, contact the court that handed down the inmate’s sentence.

Minnesota State Prison VS Hennepin County Jail

Between a prison and a jail, there is a significant distinction. People who are condemned to prison typically stay there longer than those who are placed in a Hennepin County jail. The county sheriff’s office often oversees the operation of jails, which are used to house those detained while awaiting trial or those ordered to serve time for a petty offense. Meanwhile, the Minnesota state or the federal government is in charge of prisons, which are used to imprison people convicted of offenses.

Minnesota Prison Inmate Search

Searching for Minnesota prison inmates is done for a variety of reasons. Maybe you want to identify a relative who was convicted, or you want to reconnect with an old buddy with whom you have lost touch. Whatever the reason, you can find folks in prison.
Start by checking the state DOC and the federal inmate locators. These are different types of facilities, but both have databases of prison inmates.

Hennepin County Jail Inmate Search

Visit the website for the Hennepin County jail to locate an inmate in jail. The simplest way to start your search is to use the database of the sheriff where the inmate was arrested. You can also speak with the county jail and ask for information.
Utilizing a nationwide commercial database is another option. View records coming from state prisons, courts, and county jails across the country. These databases are typically searchable by the name, making them a useful resource for locating someone quickly.

Hennepin County Mugshots

Hennepin County mugshots of inmates are typically considered to be public records. This indicates that the general public can access them offline and online. If an arrestee is a minor or the matter is still being investigated, other circumstances may require that mugshots be concealed from the public.

Hennepin County Jail Log

An inmate’s booking into a Hennepin County jail is recorded in the jail log. The jail log often lists the name, booking date and time, and the charges the inmate’s faces.

Hennepin County Jail Roster

A Hennepin County jail roster is solely a list of the people currently detained in a specific jail. The inmate’s name, booking number, and the charges they are facing are typically listed on the roster.

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