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A Minneapolis warrant is a court order that gives law enforcement authorities the authority to search a suspect or make an arrest. The majority of warrants are issued as a result of a sworn statement, which is a written declaration given under oath.

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Minneapolis Minnesota Specific Resources.

Minneapolis Police Department (MPD Warrant Search)
350 S 5th St, Minneapolis, MN, United States, Minnesota
(612) 673-2345

Hennepin County Sheriff Office
350 S 5th St, Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone: (612) 348-3744
Warrant Guide
Most Wanted List

District Court – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic)
300 S 6th St, Room B-0100 Minneapolis, MN 55487
On Location Search – Yes

Online Minneapolis Warrant Search

A good approach to finding warrant records online is with a private database that specializes in public documents. There are various nationwide database available which can also be use on top of a local Minneapolis warrant search. Provide as much information as possible about the individual you are attempting to locate. This will enable the database to offer correct results.

Records Made Available By the Courts

Navigate to the court’s webpage which issued the warrant to find a search portal. The case can be located by case number or defendant name in Minneapolis MN. After locating the case, court records can be viewed for more details. If the case is unavailable online, you can get a copy by calling the court.

Minneapolis Sheriff's Warrant Checks

The first step is to conduct a web search on the sheriff’s websites. Contact the sheriff’s office for assistance if they don’t have an online database or a warrant list.
Before you begin your search, have the identifying information ready. This consists of the target’s name and dob.

Minneapolis Bench Warrants

A Minneapolis bench warrant is a sort of arrest warrant issued by a judge when an individual fails to appear in court or obey a court order.

Minneapolis Arrest Warrants List

If the police have reasonable bases to believe that a person is guilty of a crime, they can get an arrest warrant from the court in Minneapolis MN.
The person’s alleged offense will be specified in the warrant. A warrant for an individual’s arrest enables the police to apprehend and bring that individual to jail.

Warrant for Arrest of a Fugitive

Fugitive warrants differ from regular arrest warrants in that they are issued for someone who has fled the court’s jurisdiction.

Search Warrant

A search warrant is a document that allows Minneapolis law enforcement the authority to search a location and seize relevant evidence. There are two primary search warrants: one that permits police to enter and search a location and the other that authorizes them to confiscate property or information. A judge’s authorization is necessary to execute a search warrant.

Free Warrant Searches in Minneapolis

You can search warrant records at no cost with the assistance of the Minneapolis police department. The police department will sometimes provide details of outstanding warrants through its website.

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