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A Olmsted County warrant is a court order that authorizes the police or other authorities to search for evidence or make an arrest. This only happens if probable cause is proven, which refers to a reasonable suspicion that a criminal is responsible for a crime.
Most warrants are issued in response to a request by an official of the law, such as a detective or police officer. Occasionally, warrants are issued at the request and under the guidance of prosecutors.

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Olmsted County Minnesota Specific Resources.

Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO Warrant Search)
101 4th St SE, Rochester, MN 55904
Phone: (507) 328-6800
Active Warrant List

Crime Stoppers Of Rochester and Olmsted County
Most Wanted Suspects

District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Juvenile)
151 4th St SE Rochester, MN 55904
On Location Search – Yes

Rochester Police Department (RPD)
101 4th St SE, Rochester, MN 55904
Phone: (507) 328-6800

Online Olmsted County Warrant Search

Using a nationwide database specializing in public records will allow you to locate warrant records online almost instantly and can be used on top of a local Olmsted County warrant search. Private databases can locate warrant records and other types of public records. You should have as many identifying specifics as possible when searching. This will result in more accurate results.

Records Made Available By the Courts

A top way to determine if a person has an arrest warrant is to search Olmsted County court records. Numerous court websites have searchable databases that can be used to identify if an individual is wanted for arrest.
To use a court’s online database, you must supply the individual’s full name and other identifying information, such as date of birth.

Olmsted County Sheriff's Warrant Checks

You can contact the sheriff’s office for warrant-related information. When working with a sheriff’s office, you must have identifying information.

Olmsted County Bench Warrants

A bench warrant in Olmsted County MN grants law enforcement officers the authority to apprehend a suspect. They are issued when the individual fails to appear in court.

Olmsted County Arrest Warrants List

A Olmsted County arrest warrant is a legal document that permits police to apprehend a criminal suspect. A judge must approve a warrant and disclose the arrest’s justification. The suspect will be detained and charged if the warrant is approved.

Warrant for Arrest of a Fugitive

Those evading justice are the subjects of fugitive arrest warrants in Olmsted County MN. This signifies the person left the prosecuting jurisdiction; thus, police from other areas must assist in finding them and returning them. This can be a tiresome and time-consuming operation, so the police are forced to work together from different agencies.

Search Warrant

A Olmsted County search warrant is a document that allows law enforcement the authority to search a location for evidence related to a crime. Generally, search warrants are issued in response to a request by detectives or prosecutors. The warrant must include the following details: the date, the location, and the type of evidence to be seized.

Free Warrant Searches in Olmsted County

Public information officials are ready to assist you in various departments. Additionally, you may submit a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain records if there’s no list or databases available online.

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