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Criminal records in Saint Louis County MN serve many purposes, from examining a person’s history and convictions to finding sex offenders in your area or determining if you are subject to arrest warrants. Different techniques exist for accessing criminal records online through courts or police. Each option has distinct benefits and drawbacks, so choosing the one that aligns with your needs is essential.

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Saint Louis County MN Local Criminal Resource List

District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Juvenile)
100 N 5th Ave W, Rm 320 Duluth, MN 55802-1294
Web Search
On Location Search – Yes

St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office (SLCSO Criminal History)
100 N 5th Ave W, Duluth, MN 55802
Phone: (218) 726-2340
Online Jail Roster
Most Wanted

Duluth Police Department
2030 N Arlington Ave, Duluth, MN 55811
Phone: (218) 730-5400
Crime Data & Maps
Police Data Request

Saint Louis County Court Records

If you seek information on someone’s Saint Louis County convictions, you may go to the county courthouse and search through court records. Though this procedure can be time-consuming, it is often free of charge, and the records are directly from the source.

Saint Louis County Police Records

Police records in Saint Louis County MN are great sources of information for various purposes, such as finding missing out on persons or investigating criminal activities. As public records, most police records are accessible to anybody at any time.

Reports Of Arrests

An arrest record containing information like birthdates, mugshots, and aliases documents an individual’s arrest. Law enforcement agencies maintain these public records at local Saint Louis County levels.

Records Of Inmates

For insights into somebody’s Saint Louis County criminal history, inmate records are an outstanding tool. They offer information about convictions, sentences served, and more. However, not all inmate records are posted online; some might necessitate a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Various Categories of Criminal Records:


Although infractions are generally not considered criminal offenses in the U.S., exceptions exist. Certain infractions related to violence or possession may lead to criminal charges. Some states even categorize specific infractions as misdemeanors.


Typically, Saint Louis County misdemeanor records are public, accessible by anybody who knows where to look. Exceptions apply when handling juveniles or sealed cases. To access misdemeanor records, get in touch with the clerk of court in the county where the offense occurred.

Saint Louis County Felony Records

In the United States, felony convictions fall into two categories: violent (e.g., murder, rape, robbery) and non-violent (e.g., drug ownership, fraud). Saint Louis County felony convictions for either will be recorded in criminal court records.

Information On Saint Louis County Sexual Offenders

Sex offenders, those convicted of criminal offenses including sex or certain behaviors, include a variety of offenses, from rape and assault to child pornography and public indecency. Once convicted, these people must register with local Saint Louis County police, and their addresses and names are publicly offered.

Incidence Of Saint Louis County Duis And Dwis

Driving under the influence (DUI) in Saint Louis County MN, typically a misdemeanor, may be considered a felony in certain scenarios. Punishments for DUI offenses often include fines, license suspension, and necessary alcohol education or treatment programs. Some states likewise mandate the installation of ignition-interlock devices (IIDs) on offenders’ vehicles.

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