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Criminal record searches in Wright County MN are carried out for different reasons. Whether evaluating people or investigating local criminal activity data, these records are invaluable tools. They can reveal if somebody has been convicted of a crime and provide details of the conviction. Such information is vital for making informed decisions regarding your security and the wellness of others.

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Wright County MN Local Criminal Resource List

District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Juvenile)
10 NW 2nd St, Rm 201 Buffalo, MN 55313
Web Search
On Location Search – Yes

Wright County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO Criminal History)
3800 Braddock Ave NE, Buffalo, MN 55313
Phone: (763) 682-1162
Warrant List

Police Protection (Wright County Sheriff)
13400 90th Street NE   Otsego, MN 55330
Office: (763) 682-7610

Wright County Court Records

When inquiring about someone’s Wright County criminal record, it is essential to acknowledge that not all crimes are openly available. If a person is charged but later acquitted, the details may not be accessible. Additionally, even convictions may have constraints on access if they even get sealed by the court. However, there are methods to discover someone’s criminal record, such as working with the county court or browsing online databases maintained by private businesses that provide court records.

Wright County Police Records

To find out if a person has Wright County police records, you can check with the local sheriff or police department. They should be able to verify if the individual has ever been arrested and processed by local law enforcement.

Reports Of Arrests

Access to arrest records may be available online through public databases in Wright County MN, or you may need to submit a request to the law enforcement agency that made the arrest. The availability of these records can differ by jurisdiction and the particular type of record.

Records Of Inmates

To search Wright County inmate records, you can check with the county sheriff or the state DOC where the inmate is held to request the inmate record. This often supplies current information on the inmate’s location, status, and activities.

Various Categories of Criminal Records:


Wright County infractions cover a range of less severe criminal offenses and generally bring lighter sentences than misdemeanors or felonies. Though not subject to severe penalties, infractions can still appear on your criminal records.


Misdemeanor offenses in Wright County MN can be categorized into violent and non-violent. Violent misdemeanors include the usage of force, while non-violent misdemeanors do not. Both are punishable by law, with penalties depending on the offense’s intensity.

Wright County Felony Records

When considering Wright County felony records, it’s important to differentiate between an arrest and a conviction. An arrest occurs when somebody is arrested on suspicion of a crime but does not necessarily result in charges or conviction. A conviction represents a court’s decision of guilt. Various reasons might lead to an arrest without conviction, such as insufficient proof or a plea to a lower charge. Sometimes, a judge or jury might find the accused not guilty.

Information On Wright County Sexual Offenders

If you have concerns about sex offenders in Wright County MN, check your local police department or search the nationwide sex offender registry at http://www.nsopw.gov/. This resource allows you to search for registered sex offenders by various provisions, consisting of name, address, city, and state.

Incidence Of Wright County Duis And Dwis

In a Wright County DUI (Driving Under the Influence) case, the prosecution must demonstrate either intoxication while driving or a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) surpassing 0.08%. A finding of impairment would suggest that alcohol significantly impacted the driver’s ability and capacity to drive a car.

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